‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Knap sack’

The purpose of this assignment are to: 1.Increase the understanding of the concept ‘Privilege’ 2. Recognized the extent to which a culture’s structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance Privilege and Power, and, 3.encourage reflection on aspects of our social identities that privilege us. ‘Privilege is the other side’ of oppression. Oppression can be defined as the process of maintain privilege or advantages by a dominant group. social and institutional policies and practices not biology create privilege. for example, for persons without visual impairments, sight is not one of their privileges . Rather, their privilege is having easy to reading materials. as we continue to explore the process of oppression of various social groups, identifying the privileges that the ” dominant group ” maintains increase our under standing ( 3 to 5 pages) PART 1: Select one social group from the list below with which you are identified, and LIST, and DISCUSS TEN PRIVILEGES you have as a result of ” belonging to” or being identified with this group. As much as possible, isolate the privileges you have because of that specific group membership versus privileges that results from another social identity you have( e.g., McIntosh isolated white privilege from middle-class privilege) . if you have difficulty identifying ways you are privileged, consider the socially created ” disadvantages ” experienced by others who do not have that social identity. The converse of those disadvantages is your privilege. Note that the purpose of the assignment is to RAISE AWARENESS NOT TO REATE GUILT. We are each products of a web of social forces that help to position us in a society. While we did not create the net work of forces that oppresses others, by raising our awareness, we can make conscious decisions regarding how we will use our positions. THERE IS NO NEUTRAL GROUND. we can choose to act in ways to maintain the state of quo that protect our privileges and disadvantage others, or we can choose to use our position to work to work towards changes that will insure that the privileges we have are not denied to others. in order to make a conscious choice, we must first understand the concept of privilege. PRIVILEGE GROUP: Men white Heterosexual people without disability middleclass person Young to middle- Aged Cisgender Citizens NOT PRIVILEGE GROUP Women Gay men, lesbians ,and bisexuals People with disabilities People below the poverty line Elderly Transgender or transqueer Immigrants NOTE; Use APA format, double line space, 12 inches.

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