Why should Marks and Spencer continue to engage with its stakeholders

1000 words PowerPoint presentation including presentation notes. 6 tasks. Each task should have notes attached of no more than 250 words per task. The slides should be bold and informative but easy to read and attractive. The slides should not be jammed packed with information, (slide need to be brief and notes in more depth). Try to reference each slide and notes. Mainly focus on tasks 5 and 6 as these tasks are my parts of the presentation..!!! Include models and theories that relate to the presentation e.g McKinseys seven S framework, Hoffsted. Include cultural attidue. Minimum of 20 harvard style references is requires from a mixture of books, journals,articles and websites. Critically analyse, evaluate the benefits and challenges of developing and maintain good customer relationships and critically analyse the customer experience of Marks and Spencer and why it should continue to engage with its stakeholders.

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