Why the U.S should not build a wall between us and Mexico

This is it. This will be the bulk of your grade in this class. For this paper, you must write an 8 to 12 page (not including the Works Cited page) paper on the topic of your choosing. The rules are: It must be about a people, a place, or the act of travel. (No, America in general doesn’t count as a place.) You may use the provided list for help. It may be an expansion of a previous paper. If so, the previous material must be adequately revised and it must include at least 6 pages of new material. No two projects in this class may make the same argument (although they may attack the same topic with different arguments.) The Works Cited page must contain at least 8 sources – 2 of which must be books. THIS MAY BE AN EXTENSION OF A PREVIOUS PAPER. If so, the previous material must be COMPLETELY REVISED and there must be AT LEAST SIX PAGES OF NEW MATERIAL. I have a paper that I will attach. You must extend this paper exactly with 6 pages of new material, only use 2 pages of info from the paper I provided. You MUST ONLY use the sources I have provided in this previous paper and it must be formatted with the quotes and such the SAME EXCACT WAY. dont use to big or complicated words or sentences, write how this paper is.

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