Women should play a more prominent role in the Church

Students will submit a 15- page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font paper that discusses a Theological topic. It will have the following components: A thesis that states what the paper will prove about the topic. The position of the paper must be clear. It must show where the presentation will take the listening audience. You must discuss your thesis with the professor as soon as possible. 15 pages of text. The paper must be researched utilizing academic, scholarly sources such as Theological Journals, cataloged dissertations, and other scholarly theological material. The paper must show that you have interacted with the sources and evaluated them. It is important that your position concerning the sources is stated in the paper. You do not need to agree with your source; but evaluate it according to its bias and biblical basis. One method used by Theologians such as Millard Erickson is to display differing Theological interpretations and then select the one you agree with stating substantial reasons. Follow A Manual for Writers by Turabian. Use parenthetical or footnote documentation. 1 Works Cited page (a works cited page is different from a bibliography because all of the sources listed on this page must be used in the paper). At least 5 sources are required, not counting the Bible or Erickson. At least three sources must be academic, scholarly sources such as Theological, Academic, or other professional journals related to the topic being researched.

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