Word based learning report using Gibbs reflective model

Assignment: work based learning report 1. A 2’500 words essay which focuses on applying and evaluating the usefulness of one of the theoretical tools introduced. 2. Applying a specific tool to a situation or experience, in order to generate new insight or perspective 3. It should include reflective practices. Focus: 1. A workplace experience or a situation specific to your role, responsibilities or tasks. 2. A workplace experience or a situation specific to your group’s interaction via a weekly meeting or project or training. 3. A workplace experience you would like to explore further Structure: 1. Provide background information regarding your situation or experience including but not limited to key playes, company information, task details, etc. 2. Choose one situation or experience in the workplace to apply specific tool to generate new insights or perspective about performance at work. 3. Include theoretical tool details, application and results specific to the experience or situation 4. Include an analysis of the results provided from the theoretical tool 5. Provide advantages and disadvantages of the tool as applied to the situation or experience 6. Conclude with a summary of your findings, provide if the situation experience contributed to a better understanding or improvement.

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