Worksheet 7

NOTE: PLEASE HAVE ASSIGNMENT DONE BY 10PM TODAY MARCH 19th. IF YOU CAN’T DO NOT ACCEPT THANKS Textbook: Getlein, Mark (2015). Living with Art 11th edition. McGraw-Hill Co. Part 1 Answer questions and number Worksheet 7 1. What are some characteristics of Egyptian art? 2. Describe the Hellenistic style of ancient Greece. Provide an example. 3. If the intentions of removing artifacts from their places of origin are for conservation and education, should such artifacts be returned when situations improve in the places of origin? (Read the text, p. 341) 4. What is illumination? 5. Based on the following structures, San Vitale (p. 353) and Chartres Cathedral (p. 360), identify each style and describe the characteristics that make each one typical of its style. 6. Based on two paintings by Duccio (p. 363) and Giotto (p. 364), discuss at least three ways in which these works can be considered as transitions or bridges between typical medieval styles of painting and early Renaissance styles. Part 2 Discussion Forum 7 Discuss three key things that you found interesting and newly learned from reading the text along with your personal reflections. Do not just mention or summarize the contents but elaborate your thoughts. To receive the full credit, in addition to your original post, respond to your classmatesÂ’ posts Post 1 The three key things I found interesting were: 1. Learning about a powerful abbot named Suger and how he believed an ideal church should have certain characteristics. He believed it should be filled with light, it should have harmonious proportions, also it should appear to reach up to heaven. 2. Learning that Greek philosophers were the first to speculate on the nature and purpose of art. 3. Learning that early Christian churches were constructed in the style of a roman building called basilica. It consists of an altar, open central space, passageways, and upward extension pierced with windows. Post 2 I enjoyed reading about the Female Figure from Willendorf, when first looked at this piece I knew that it was going to interest me. I also enjoyed learning about the Mesopotamia and how the lack of natural boundaries made it easy to invade and kind of hard to defend. The last thing I found interesting about these chapters was reading about the Venus De Milo as a child I’ve always seen this piece but never really cared to read about it and it is good to know a little background on it finally.

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