Worksheet of terms for Prologue: Texas’s Political Roots

PROLOGUE WORKSHEET ASSIGNMENT Read “Prologue: Texas’s Political Roots” from your textbook, TEXAS POLITICS TODAY, pages xxi-xxvii. After reading the Prologue, complete the Worksheet of Terms for “Prologue: Texas’s Political Roots.” As you know from reading your syllabus and welcome statement, you will have a “worksheet of terms” for each of the four units which you’ll be tested on. A thorough completion of the worksheet of terms for each unit will not only provide you an exceptionally strong review sheet for the exam, working on it–writing out definitions for the terms in your own words–will serve as a key element in successfully preparing you for the exam. As a way of preparing you for doing your unit worksheets, you are to complete a brief worksheet of terms for the “Prologue: Texas’s Political Roots.” Copy and paste onto your word processor the “Worksheet of Terms for ‘Prologue: Texas’s Political Roots'” below. After reading the Prologue, go back and complete the definitions for each of the terms. Do it in your own words based on your reading. Not only define the term but, in some instances, mention its significance in the study of Texas government as if you were studying for an exam on this material. Just get material in textbook, no research

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