Write a FINAL REPORT, including a “book review” assessment of the project, and semester growth:

This is the assigned book Author: Bennett, Ryan C., author. Title: Exploring the hardcore music scene : a gang’s reverberation, a youth movement’s influence and a subculture’s pro­equality ethos / Ryan C. Bennett. [New York, New York] :John Jay College of Criminal Justice,2014. Find your assigned book in the attached book list, corresponding with your number (assigned by Prof. Thomas in class; if you don’t know your number, see below). Your job is to 1) Read the assigned book (see number next to your name below). Research corresponding music on YouTube or Spotify 2) Write a FINAL REPORT, including a “book review” (NOT BOOK REPORT) assessment of the project, and semester growth: SECTION 1: ANNOTATED OUTLINE: Identify the THESIS of the book and set this aside in 1-2 sentences at the top of your outline. In outline form, list each chapter according to the Table of Contents and provide a one paragraph synopsis of each chapter. Try to highlight the THESIS of each chapter and supporting evidence. In a summary paragraph, write a review of the book. Guiding Questions: What did you think of the author’s effectiveness in supporting their THESIS. How did you like the flow of the book? How was the evidence? Was enough evidence presented? Did you connect with the subject matter? How might you apply what you learned in the book to your thinking in the world around you now? SECTION 2: YOUR EXPERIENCE Write a 1-2 paragraph assessment of the project, including your experience in getting to know the material related to the book, your research on YouTube and Spotify, and your partnership experience. SECTION 3: PERSONAL GROWTH Write 1-2 paragraphs on how your understanding of American popular music has grown this semester. What new music did you learn about? What knowledge did you gain about the music you were already familiar with? What theme from the course was most interesting to you? How did the concert report and book review affect your experience? How has your thinking about the role of music in human experience grown?

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