Write a mini essay to compare 2 psychological approaches (600 word)

Hi, I have attached a Microsoft word file with some notes on there about the key points. They have also been referenced so you can see where i sourced them from online. Points i need to cover below: *The psychoanalytical approach focuses on power of instinct as a fundamental driver of our behaviour and thinking. How does it compare with the behaviourist’s model of learning. *What are they key differences in the assumptions which lie behind the two perspectives *how might a proponent of the psychoanalytic school of thought rate the importance of the influence of environmental stimuli and how might a behaviourist view the concept of ID * Conclude with a summary of strenghts and weakness of both positions, This only needs to be 600 words in total so about one full page with referencing and formatting. Would you be able to complete this task ? I need this in for Monday (only a draft is needed, sorry about the time scale. Let me know the price.

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