Writing-as-Thinking: Assess Your Literature Review Skill Set

Using reflective writing as a critical thinking process, consider the new learning you have gained in this course and how you will apply it to your future dissertation literature review. Reflect on the gains and challenges in this experience; and evaluate the current state of your ability to source, survey, and synthesize scholarly sources against the five course learning objectives: Examine the conventions of scholarly literature review and the distinctions between literature review and the other forms of academic and scholarly writing. Discriminate between the empirical research literature and non-scientific grey literature considered within the scholarly literature review. Conduct effective literature-review search strategies to review current empirical research from peer-reviewed scholarly journals from divergent viewpoints. Cultivate the development of advanced writing skills that articulate scholarly exposition appropriate for research in an educational environment. Synthesize empirical and theoretical literature related to a focused study problem in a scholarly, organized, non-biased, substantive narrative. Finally, consider the additional development you will need as you continue your course work. Length: 1.5–2 pages

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