You are studying the activation Of a gene (YFG) by estrogen

You are studying the activation Of a gene (YFG) by estrogen. It has an ERE site upstream Of its transcriptional start site (TSS) and you believe that it is directly

regulated by estrogen. YFG lies near a neighboring gene (NG) that is constitutively transcribed. You have available datasets for GRO-seq, and ChlP-seq for POI Il,

ERa, trimethylated Histone 3 lysine 27 (a repressive chromatin mark), and trimethylated Histone 3 lysine 36 (an activating chromatin mark).

a) In the boxes below, draw the histograms Of read counts that you would expect for each Of these assays, before and after 40 minutes Of estrogen treatment, if

your hypothesis is correct





+E2, 40 min

•seq POI

ChlP-seq ERu

annotated transcript


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