Zombie Apocalypse Essay Assignment: Sean of the Dead Essay

In “My Zombie, Myself,” Chuck Klosterman asks the following question: “What if contemporary people are less interested in seeing depictions of their unconscious fears and more attracted to allegories of how their day to day existence feels?” Using the film Sean of the Dead, examine this question. You may decide to address any of the following issues, but are not required to address all of them: * How does the life that Sean is living relate to feeling like a zombie? * How does repetition of words and phrases throughout the film emphasize the repetitiveness of daily life? * How does Sean’s leisure time resemble his working conditions? * How does the pressure of Sean’s day-to-day existence contribute to his obliviousness to the circumstances surrounding his life? * How does Sean’s relationships convey the repetition of his working and leisure time? * Is killing zombies a job, and is Sean finally finding his purpose in life by murdering the undead? * Is Sean, allegorically, already dead at the start of the movie? * Will Ed notice that he has become a zombie, or is there any difference in his life now versus his life before the infestation? Your thesis, or main point, in this essay will answer Klosterman’s question. You need to make a decision as to whether or not zombies in Sean of the Dead, are symbols of our living conditions. You may decide to agree or disagree with Klosterman’s contention in the essay. The evidence that you use to support your decision will come from detailed description of the film Sean of the Dead or from “My Zombie, Myself,” or direct quotes from Klosterman. While you are not required to use any specific citation style for this essay, you will need to properly use quotations and descriptions to support your arguments. Your essay should be approximately 4-5 pages in length

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